A wild Vodka Variety Show

A night in the little town of Hoodlivnitz, somewhere in the East, far, far away. This is the place where they dance tango and polka, where they fight and make love, and where the night lasts as long as there is vodka...

And vodka there is!

Everything else is unpredictable: Russian acrobatics collide with New York Freak-Show, quick-witted Berlin tongue kisses British humour, and French improvisation gets tangled up with Polish contortionism...

The shows are anarchic, packed with exciting acts, abstract surprises and banging Balkan beats, which never let the audience off the hook. This fantastic mixture comes straight out of the Berlin underground!

After an explosive beginning, making quickly a name for themselves in one of Berlin's best clubs “Sisyphos”, and the following sold out shows in Berlin's Säälchen at the Holzmarkt-area, Kabaret K! continued to top themselves, playing for the 25th anniversary of Schloss Bröllin (international residence centre for performance arts), the 30th anniversary of the Gauklerfestival in Attendorn, and the 16th Black and White Theatre Festival in Imatra/Finnland.

Kabaret K! shows come in many different forms:

Ninety minutes performance plus pause for an evening filling program, seventy or thirty minutes without pause, a big or small cast, with or without 3 piece live band.

The shows can be played indoor or outdoor and are adaptable to the technical possibilities of the performance site or stage.

Also bookable is an extra concert from the band or a party night with a Balkan-beat DJ. Both concert and party can be combined with extra show acts.

On top of all that, all the acts can be booked with their solo shows or street performances.